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higher than the animal or the mechanical, so in the
biographies of the saints there is a spiritual life super-
jmposed upon the others, and this carries personality
to still a higher altitude. There have always been men
who, though unlettered and unlearned, made it apparent
that they had reached these more rarefied realms—
there have always been ignorant men who have been
profound even in their " falling in love ", The idea
of love then is far away above the realm of secular
ideals like justice or of the utilitarian virtues, such as
honesty and thrift; and belongs to the realm of things
like prayer and worship, which are both means and ends
or are ends in themselves—not owing their virtue to
any displacements or rearrangements which they may
be calculated to produce in the world of tilings. The
whole doctrine of love stands precarious and im-
poverished unless we are prepared to carry it to that
higher plane of New Testament teaching where Love
is a religious idea. Its place is in the realm of the
theological virtues like mercy and humility which in a
certain sense are its fruit.

Furthermore it is by loving God first that men find
their true direction; for it is only this that puts the
rest of our loves into proper proportion. Tremendous
tragedy comes on the world because men love one
thing too much, or they love it more than they love
human beings, or they love some human beings too
exclusively, or they give themselves up to false gods
of one kind or another in the world. So they will be
cruel to their fellows for the sake of a cause, or they
will become diseased in their fallings-in-love^ or family

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